We have the best Resources to provide you with the correct Consultancy and Long-Lasting Customized Solutions in the following Three Most Important Aspects of Corporate and Industrial Security:


  • Security of Information is very important in any Company, Industry, Organization or Corporate Office to ensure that no one has the unauthorized access to important documents, plans, designs, drawings, formulas or any kind of such information which can compromise the inside secrets or functioning of that Organization. Every Organization and Office, be it a small or large, faces the Information Security Risk, that is, leakage of information by unscrupulous employees from within, destruction of information with wrong motives or unauthorized possession and recording of important information such as plans or policies etc. There may be such situations or circumstances which may facilitate or lead to failure in preserving the Security of important Information. Failure to preserve the Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality of a Company's or any Organization's vital information data can put them into lot of serious trouble.
  • We, at Golden Arrow, by virtue of our Service Background and wide experience in handling of such Sensitive and Classified matters of Intelligence and Security in the Services have the expertise and a Team of skilled Senior Officers and Investigators to carry out a wide-ranging and clinical Information Security Risk Assessment, Risk Analysis and Risk Management of your Organization in the prevailing environments. We can do a complete survey of your Organization, carry out a comprehensive study, identify the security problems, analyze the dangers, suggest very objective modifications in your Operating Procedures and devise and offer you the Best Solutions applicable to your Organization to plug all loop holes in the system to preserve the Security of Information.


  • Security of Material involves protection of all Material and Assets including vulnerable Assets of any Organization from damage, pilferage, unauthorized disposal, destruction and sabotage etc. There are so many cases of theft and pilferage of material specially in manufacturing Companies amounting to losses in big volumes. It is a known fact that internal pilferages are far more common in any Organization than outside thefts. Degree of resistance or protection of material and equipment from unwarranted harm and damage or pilferage depends upon how an Organization has formulated its procedures to separate its material assets from potential risks of any kind of threat.
  • At Golden Arrow, with our very competent Team of Professionals, we can carry out a thorough examination and assessment of Material Security Risk, identify lacunas and gaps in the present system of handling of material, do a fair Analysis and Identify the vulnerable areas of assets to damage, pilferage and any other possible risk. We can offer solutions which will help in Identifying the Material Security Risk, Developing Secure System, Safe Documentation and Procedures for protecting and safe guarding all Material and Equipment from any kind of pilferage, theft or damage in the Organization.


  • Personnel working in an Organization are its biggest and best asset as long as they are trust worthy and their integrity and loyalty to their Organization is intact and not vulnerable. Their character, reliability and emotional stability are very important traits which play a very important role in prevention of any kind of internal or external threats to the Organization's Assets. However, the same people or someone from inside the Organization can also be the most dangerous risk / threat if he has weak traits, loose character, emotional instability and other weakness for 3 Ws i.e. Wine, Woman and Wealth. Such persons can easily be exploited or lured into by the undesirable elements or outsiders, activists or unscrupulous individuals to cause harm and breach security of the Organization with foul intentions.
  • Therefore, it is important to ensure that in the first place, right persons for right jobs are recruited / employed with proper Background Verifications and Check by the concerned Organizations. Thereafter, once employed, constant or periodical monitoring on their work attitude and tendencies is done as a deterrent and prevention of any kind of Security threat.
  • With our skills and experience in this field, we at Golden Arrow can carry out across the board and very impersonal verifications and checks of people employed, evolve a System of Checks and Balances with Special Procedures to mitigate any kind of risk of insiders /employees / workers exploiting their access to Organization's Assets for any unauthorized purpose. Our Team of Professionals can conceive Best Solutions to shape and control the working environment within an Organization for promotion of vigilance, effective security culture and to impact those personnel who are weak and vulnerable and intend to cause harm or damage or loss to any Assets.

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