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  • Golden Arrow helps its Clients in picking up right people for the right job. Candidates for employment come from all corners of the Country in view of huge employment opportunities and demand in various Business Sectors and Services. It is imperative for the Employers to ensure that Employees joining their Companies have correct and valid credentials.
  • We have well trained Staff in this field who carry out detail scrutiny of the information provided in Candidates' Resume / Biodatas and conduct Discreet and Confidential Inquiries to verify correctness of details. This also helps the Clients to select Candidates with correct potential for a particular job.
  • We carry out following 5 Important Verifications during our Pre-Employment Verification besides inquiring about general tendencies of the Candidates:

    • Residence Verification (Location and Address)
    • Employment Verification. (From all Organizations / Offices where the Candidates have served earlier)
    • Reference Verification (If given by the Candidates)
    • Educational / Professional Qualifications. (From various Institutes from where the Candidate has qualified)
    • Police Verification / Checking of Criminal or dubious background if any.
  • Based on the Priority of the Clients, we have the most Professional Resources to carry out the verifications in the shortest time frame.


  • The Employers face a number of problems from their Employees post-employment dragging them to various litigations and Labor Courts. Some of the common problems faced by the Employers are drop in performance potential, deteriorating work attitude, rising anti management sentiments and activity, rise in grievances and complaints against Senior Officers, violation of Contractual Terms and Conditions and so on.
  • We at Golden Arrow have very highly experienced Veterans and Staff who check the root cause of these post-employment problems, carry out thorough scrutiny through Discreet Investigation to enable our Clients to arrest these problems in time.
  • We have dedicated and Legally Qualified Expert to advise in Labor Court matters.



  • There are often cases where the money Borrowers borrowing from various Financial Institutions, Banks and Private Lenders and in various Company business deals, Just vanish without paying back their dues. We, at Golden Arrow help in investigating such Cases and find out Assets, both movable and immovable owned by these defaulters and enable the Financial Institutions, Banks, Private Lenders and affected Companies to recover their outstanding dues by getting the Assets of these Defaulters attached through due legal process by them.
  • We have highly trained Investigators who based on the inputs provided by the Clients, carry out discreet inquiries and get the credible information to verify, locate and other relevant information about the properties of defaulting Borrowers which is useful to the Clients in recovering their dues.


  • Our Team of well-trained Senior Investigators also carry out Special Investigations in regards to purchase of New Properties. The Real Estate Agents and Builders have their own Agenda to sell their commercial / private residential properties. We present A Comprehensive Report after carrying out thorough discreet inquiries covering various essential aspects which have a bearing on future use of such properties thereby enabling Clients to avoid facing any future hassles after acquiring these Properties.


  • Breach of Security in Industrial Plants, Units, Factories and such other places occurs quite often resulting in damage and loss of property, loss of productive hours and affecting the workers and reputation and standing of the Clients and their Companies depending upon the gravity of breach.
  • At Golden Arrow, we have hard-core trained Senior Officers who are expert in such matters and with their expertise and our well-trained Investigators, we can help our Clients in probing such Cases. We have excellent Resources to inspect the sites, carry out complete Discreet and Confidential as well as Open Investigations depending upon the situation. After Investigation, we present a Comprehensive Confidential Written Report to our Clients with our Logical Conclusion and Recommendations wherever necessary.
  • For Clients who have suffered such setbacks or apprehend such dangers in any way in their set ups, we have the best Solutions / Options for them to make them feel secure. We have carried out a number of such Assignments of Breach of Security in the past few years very successfully.


  • Every Organization has its own Security System and laid down Procedures. These tend to get loose over a period of time. Activities like internal thefts, pilferages, mismanagement at various subordinate levels due to non-adherence of Rules, Regulations and Procedures laid down by the Senior Management result in revenue losses and erode the System. For functional efficiency and healthy growth of the Company, it is an absolute must to carry out periodical review and upgrade exiting Security System and revise and update the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • We at Golden Arrow have a group of Senior Consultants who are Veterans and thorough Professionals in this field by virtue of their wide experience in the Defence Services.
  • We carry out very Objective, Realistic and Effective Security Audit of Plants, Factories, Ware Houses, Corporate Offices and such other large Establishments. Our highly Professional Senior Consultants personally carry out a very Comprehensive and Complete study of the existing Safety and Security System of such Organizations, study the exiting Administrative Rules, Regulations and Standard Operating Procedures of the Company, do a thorough analysis to bring out lacunas and short comings. These Senior Experts also carry out a complete Survey of the Area and conduct study of movement of information, personnel and material and Emergency Preparedness and the Disaster Management Control of the Organization.
  • On completion of Audit, a detailed Written Report with Recommendations to improve the Security System and Procedures is presented to the Management which also covers Electronic and Cyber Security.


  • There are many incidences of Fire Breaking out in Plants, Factories, Ware Houses, Corporate Offices and such other large Establishments resulting in loss of property, material, important information and in some cases loss of personnel. These Fire Break Outs are normally attributed to electric short circuiting and at times take place due to possible man-made reasons and mischief from within or outside Sources or due to sabotage with some ulterior motives.
  • We conduct thorough Private Survey of the place of such incidence, conduct both discreet and open inquiries at various places of interest to establish the real cause or culprits behind sabotage if any and enable the Management to take appropriate actions. We also give our valid recommendations to the Clients to improve their Fire Discipline and Fire Fighting System of the Organization.


  • Surveillance is a highly specialized Operation which requires physically and mentally sound and alert well trained, intelligent and clever Operators cum Investigators who also need to have a good IQ. This can be carried out in various Cases or Situations such as Matrimonial Inquiries and Disputes, Property Disputes, Static Establishments and Moving Vehicles and so on. At times, before or during surveillance, some discreet inquiries are also required to be carried out to ascertain certain information.
  • The Scope of Surveillance in general covers movements of the person being shadowed, his activities, the places he or she visits during movement or activity and the kind of people he or she meets. Efforts are also made by the Operatives cum Investigators to photograph events of importance very discreetly and collect any possible evidence of interest during the period of surveillance which can facilitate the Clients in their purpose for which the surveillance is being carried out.
  • We, at Golden Arrow have Teams of specially trained and highly skilled Operatives cum Investigators to carry out these Surveillance Assignments under stress or strain in all weather conditions. We have the expertise and capabilities in carrying out Surveillance 24 hours round the clock. Golden Arrow has the Resources and has carried out surveillance on more than one person at the same time assuring best results. We offer these services at very competitive rates.


We have trained a Team of Special Operatives cum Investigators well versed in shadowing individuals in Pre - Matrimonial and Post-Matrimonial Cases where they follow the concerned person to find out his or her movements, activities, places of visits and the people they meet. The daily duration and Number of Days of shadowing are decided in consultation with the Clients. In Pre-Matrimonial shadowing, we help the Clients in finding out the following Basic Details about the marriage Partner which help in avoiding after marriage disappointments:

  • Family Background including Reputation in general.
  • Personal Habits / Traits.
  • Financial Background of Person and Financial Status of Family.
  • Social Standing of Person and Family in Community / Society.
  • General Character including any peculiar preference.
  • Any specific information about past marriage / divorce / flirtatious nature.
  • Employment Information like his attitude at work place, his status, his relations with his Subordinates, Seniors, Colleagues and any other relevant details of interest.
  • Any other particular info that the Client may want us to find out in particular.


  • In Post Matrimonial Cases where disputes or differences between two Partners arise due to infidelity, breach of mutual trust, adultery or deceit and due to any other reason forcing them apart, we can carry out very discreet and confidential investigation in such Cases and help in finding out all information as desired by one Partner against the other. Our very Special and highly Trained Operatives cum Investigators can shadow the person, he or she very carefully and find out all relevant information about Subject's suspected activities or alliances as required by the Client. We help in obtaining possible evidence for the concerned Partners to facilitate them in their legal cases. All actions and activities of Investigations and Surveillance in Post-Matrimonial Cases are conducted with utmost care and complete Confidentiality and Secrecy being most sensitive issues of the Clients.
  • We also carry out Discreet Inquiries in exploring the possibilities of mutual negotiations or out of Court Arbitration to resolve the issues of marital discord if any of the Partners is interested in doing so. For this, we have highly qualified, experienced Legal Senior Experts with great wisdom in resolving such Cases out of Courts. This can save lot of time and money of concerned Partners and free them from anguish, anxiety and all the embarrassment for themselves and the families leading them finally to a peaceful co-existence.


  • There are cases of illegal occupation of Property / Establishment, removing of fittings, various features and material from the Property and conveying it to another place or any incidences of illegal or undesirable activity taking place on the premises of such Property or Establishment. We have Teams of trained and qualified Investigators who can carry out round the clock (24 Hours) surveillance on such places. They are highly capable of investigating these places very discreetly and can keep these places under constant watch and note down any untoward activity of men, movement of material or vehicles and report objectively. In case of movement of vehicles from inside from such places, our Teams of Expert Operatives can follow them skillfully, be it at night or during day and report on all movements and activity.


  • Covert or Clandestine Operations are the most difficult and complex Operations with fair amount of risk. It requires thorough Professionals with expert handling to carry out such activity. It is something like inducting our soldiers behind enemy lines to give us a constant feedback of enemy activity and modus operandi over a period of time. These Operations are primarily carried out in Industrial and Manufacturing Units, Ware Houses, Large Corporate Offices, Hotel Industry, and any other such Commercial Organizations to detect anti management activities, pilferages, thefts, leakage of information, wastage of material, production losses, sabotage and subversion and any other important information that the Client may desire to know.
  • We have a Team of very qualified Expert Veterans from the Services who have not only handled such Operations in their long Service Careers but have also the wisdom to apply to various situations relating to industrial requirements. We strategize all such Operations after our discussions with our Clients and formulate a realistic course of action before inducting our Investigators. Under the expert guidance and supervision of these Consultants, we have trained Professional Investigators whom we induct in such Establishments under a suitable disguise in consultation with their Top Management very discreetly without creating any suspicion and we keep the identity of such Under Covers inducted, a closely guarded Secret. These trained Professional Investigators are clever with good IQ and mentally tough to work under any stress and strain when working inside as Under Covers with the employees. Once inside, they are constantly monitored and guided discreetly by us on daily basis and a daily feedback is obtained from them. We present a consolidated Confidential Report to our Clients on periodical basis on all activities as mentioned above.
  • We have carried out a number of such Assignments in Manufacturing Industry with excellent reports given by our expert Under Covers in this field inducted inside resulting in complete stoppage of pilferage of precious material. We have strategic solutions for inducting Under Cover Teams in any Organization covering any Department or Branch.


  • Intellectual Property Theft, Infringement of Trade Mark, Gray Market Distribution, Illegal Distribution, Spurious Product Distribution has become a pretty common nefarious activity for unscrupulous traders or persons who do not believe in any ethics for their selfish monetary gains at the cost of other successful Companies. They not only indulge in stealing or misappropriating others Trade Secrets but indulge in all kinds of illegal activities in producing, distributing and sale of counterfeit products.
  • Golden Arrow has the expertise in this field to carry out in depth Investigation to plug the loop holes and help you in bringing the Culprits to books. We have well trained Investigators with knowledge of the market functioning and can take any kind of Investigation. We have specially trained Market Surveyors who can find out availability of spurious products in the market & identify Shops selling these products. These Investigators can conduct most Confidential Inquiries from the Shops selling spurious / counterfeit products, identify the Local Distributors to Distributing Agencies and finally lead us to Storage Cells / Warehouses to Manufacturing Units, their Locations and Owners of these activities. Once the whole chain of Production with Locations, Distribution Cells / Storage and the Shops are investigated and well identified, our Investigators can guide the Raiding Parties of the Client to these culprits to book them under the existing laws.
  • We provide Complete and well-Planned Solutions to the affected Market Traders / Leaders and our highly qualified Senior Legal Consultant can also advise with complete and well-planned Litigation Support.


  • Willful Defaulters are a menace to the Society at large and business Community in particular. These unscrupulous defaulters do not leave the cities where they commit such crimes. First these Debtors / Defaulters try to evade Law and ensure non-acceptance of Summons by absconding from known addresses and by other dubious means when legal proceedings are initiated against them. Thereafter, smelling more trouble from Law, they suddenly disappear in the overcrowded and over populated cities like rats.
  • We, at Golden Arrow have traced a number of such Debtors / Defaulters based on information provided by the Clients. We have well trained Investigators who with the help of our best Cultivated Sources can bring out these Debtors / Defaulters from their holes / hide outs and help you to get them before Law. We have also trained Investigators who can carry out detail Investigation in tracing out all movable / immovable Assets of these Debtors / Defaulters.


  • In a number of cases where an Employee is released / relieved of his duties due to layoff or is dismissed due to his own accord or by the Company on some grounds, he walks into Labor Union Office or directly goes to Court against the Company putting up a list of grievances involving the Company in Litigation affecting the reputation of the Company and also the Employees. In many Cases the demands of such released employees are not justified particularly when they find another employment.
  • We help in investigating all such Cases in finding about all details about such Employees as required by the Clients and provide expert assistance in dealing with such Labor Court Cases.


  • With a large number of Insurance Companies, offering various attractive Policies, the number of fraud claims are also considerably on the rise. The information being provided for claiming the Insurance Cover is at time incorrect and at times false Claims are being made.
  • We, at Golden Arrow, have trained Senior Investigators who can scrutinize each Claim thoroughly for false information or any kind of cheating or fraud claim. We provide Insurance Companies with very credible verification and authentication of all types of Insurance Claims relating to general insurance, travel, accident and death claims and so on. We can, with our trained Investigators, not only detect fraudulent Claims but also can conduct in-depth discreet inquiries to bring out anomalies and short comings or any internal connivance of Staff encouraging in making and passing of false Claims at any level in the Company.
  • We have also carried out elaborate Survey and Investigation in Cases of some Companies making exorbitant / false / fraudulent Claims after destruction of their goods in the Stores due to fire. Our Senior Officers are experts with years of experience in investigating, scrutinizing, verifying and resolving the Insurance Claims in all such Cases which are prepared as a result of Fire.
  • With our Network of Senior Consultants and Associates spread over in Metro Cities covering all over India, we can take on any challenging Assignment of any Insurance Company pertaining to any kind of suspicious or fraudulent Insurance Claims put up by any individual or Organization.


  • In a fast-growing economy, foreign direct investment and entrance of MNCs (Multinational National Companies), daily New Acquisitions, Mergers and Joint Ventures are becoming quite a common phenomenon. A proper Due Diligence, therefore, is the need of the time to ensure that the Company being acquired or merged with or being entered into Joint Venture and vice versa have very credible history. Normal inquiries can give only general information about such entities. However, to get deep and real information to enter into healthy deals, a thorough search, analysis and study is required through credible Investigation.
  • Golden Arrow is well equipped with most experienced Senior Officers and Investigators who can carry out deliberate, discreet and thorough Investigation in finding out about Financial History and Health, Business Dealings and Practices, Corporate and H R Structuring, Legal Cases and Future Prospects and any other information of Interest to the Client of all such new Companies being acquired, merged with or being entered into with a Joint Venture. After thorough Research, Deep Investigation, Critical Analysis and Study of the Information, a Comprehensive Report is prepared and presented to our Clients.
  • We are absolutely seized with the importance of this elaborate process of Due Diligence Investigation that we carry out at Golden Arrow covering all aspects and interests of the Client and are fully aware that many decisions of our Clients may be made or influenced by our Report. Therefore, every effort is made by our Team of Senior Officers and Investigators to put in their best in presenting our most Realistic and Objective Report with reliable and authentic information on Due Diligence.


  • Corporate and Industrial litigation can put the reputation and credibility of the Companies at its worst and affect the overall functioning of the Company and its Employees adversely. It can turn into a never-ending headache for the Management. We, at Golden Arrow, are equipped with adequate Resources to investigate any kind of litigation Cases and provide the Clients and their Legal Teams with such additional information which can help them in resolving the Cases speedily. We can provide the best Litigation Support to assist in Case preparation and in building up credible presentation of Case by getting important additional information through various means of Investigation and most reliable Sources.
  • We have the Best Litigation and Legal Support Expert in our Senior Legal Advisor who himself has vast experience of many years in handling such Cases in his long Service in the Army at various higher levels of Command. With his high skills and wisdom, he has been providing excellent Litigation Support and Legal Solutions to our Clients. We have an excellent record of extending these services to our Clients.



  • There are incidences of thefts in the Strong Rooms / Locker Rooms of Banks or in the Corporate Offices where such facilities are being provided in spite of all the Security and other related operating instructions in place. The owners of such Lockers who lose the money or precious material, for reasons best known to them, do not want to report the matter publicly or resort to any legal course of action. However, they along with concerned Bank or Corporate Offices do desire to investigate find out the culprits.
  • We have adequate resources and well-trained Investigators who can carry out in depth discreet and open inquiries and get to the bottom of such Cases. We have handled such theft Cases in the last few years and have successfully completed the Investigation with most objective and logical conclusion pinpointing those involved in such nefarious activities.


  • Similar incidences of theft of money and precious material occur in the Residential Flats or Bungalows where one or more than one domestic help, drivers and other servants are employed by the owners. There are many reasons for such incidences taking place so frequently. In most such Cases, the house owners do not report the matter to the Police for obvious reasons. They also do not have the time and resources to go out in search of the missing servants.
  • We have the experience, the required resources and well-trained Investigators to handle such Cases with a greater degree of success in locating culprits within the shortest possible time.
  • In case you have any such Case to solve, contact us at Golden Arrow.


  • There are numerous cases of children and adults gone missing when they go out of house. Children go out to schools / colleges or market or to meet their friends and do not return back. Similarly, some adults go out for morning walk, for shopping or work or to meet some body and go missing. In all such Cases, parents and near and dear ones of these missing children or adult go through most difficult time full of anxiety, mental torture and terrible grief. If the missing person happens to be a child or grown up girl, it turns into nightmare for the parents.
  • In spite of their reporting the matter to Police and other official authorities, the search operations are at times very slow or negligible due to various factors. At Golden Arrow, we have our Teams of Investigators who are trained in such search operations and we offer Time Bound Solutions to trace the missing persons.


  • The field and scope of Industrial, Corporate and Personal / Individual Investigation is very large and certainly cannot be covered under few Headings. Every day new developments take place, new situations and new problems arise out of nowhere demanding special attention.
  • There could be any special requirement of a Client arising out of special circumstances or situations concerning his personal property disputes within the family or business-related issues which require attention, investigation or collection of evidence and so on. We at the Golden Arrow can take on any challenging Assignment of critical problems requiring thorough investigation and finding solutions to such problems. You give us the problems and we will get back to you with satisfying solutions.

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