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Golden Arrow Detective Agency was started in July 2012 by Lt Col Surendra Batra (Retd), an Army Veteran of 1971, India - Pakistan War with an aim to provide genuine, reliable, well integrated, sound and totally professional Investigation and Detective Services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and other parts of the country. Since then, Golden Arrow has travelled a long distance in over five years of its existence and has successfully expanded its Operational Network from Mumbai to other Metros and important cities of India. Rapid rise, success and growth of the Company has been achieved due to high quality work produced by our Teams of Investigators and unflinching support and trust of our valued Clients who have consistently come back with challenging Assignments. Our Clients' faith in us and in the Spirit of Golden Arrow has been an asset and the greatest motivating factor to carry on with never ending passion.



It is an ideogram of our growth, vitality, self-reliance, reliability and dependability.


It is our emblem, an Indicator of our Love for Success. It fills us with great strength, optimism, intelligent ideas and plenty of motivation and tremendous confidence to put our best plans into action with courage and wisdom to resolve the problems of our Clients in any given situation under any stress and strain.


The Astrological Sign of the Archer (Sagittarius) is our Identity and reflects our true Character. It represents our qualities of taking swift and powerful decisions to seek truthful answers on war footing during any kind of Investigations or any Challenging Assignment.



Pure Professionalism is our culture and we are very passionate about it. We ensure that it reflects in our field work and also in the Confidential Reports that we present to our Clients.
We put our Senior Investigators through regular professional training and exercises to upgrade their knowledge and skills and to ensure that they are kept abreast with the latest developments in the field of various types Security and Investigations.


We groom our Staff and Senior Investigators in following the Company Ethics rigidly. On the Top of Moral Code is Protection of our Client's Image, Identity and Information. These are non-negotiable and cannot be compromised at any cost.


We strongly believe in complete Probity in Reporting System. Our Findings of any Investigation are based on Three Cardinal Principles of Honesty, Truthfulness and Trustworthiness.
We ensure that all Investigation Reports are prepared with sincerity based on correct Findings and without being prejudiced to anyone.


Every Investigation conducted by us precedes with proper research and analysis of the problems / issues at hand by us. Clear Objectives of the Assignments are perceived and Team of Senior Investigators are briefed thoroughly. The Investigators detailed for the Assignment are made to plan and do their complete homework before they are sent to carry out inquiries on ground.


Challenging Objectives of difficult Assignments motivate us and inspire us to be more innovative and enterprising in our Investigations, Findings and Report Writing.


Client Focus is an Absolute Target for us.
Clients' requirements take Top Priority over everything else. We have a strong Will and Determination and we are committed to deliver result oriented world class excellent services with most satisfying results within the stipulated time frame.


CREDIBILITY is our USP. We ensure that our work is credible and compelling enough to create an impact and an everlasting bond of Trust and Belief between us and our Clients.


The Management of the Company is in the safer hands of most reliable, trusted, professionally competent and fully committed Veterans of Defence Services whose dedication to serve the Cause and Clients can rarely be matched. A brief background of the Veterans who are the guiding force behind our all challenging and tough Assignments of Security and Investigation are as under:


    Golden Arrow Detective Agency is the brainchild of Lt Col Surendra Batra (Retd), Proprietor and also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company. A Graduate in English, Political Science, History and Hindi Literature from Nagpur University, Col Surendra Batra, an Armoured Corps Officer, served the Indian Army for 28 years in various Command and Staff Appointments before retiring in April 1994.

    During his long service in the Army, he qualified in a number of Professional Courses including a few in Intelligence pertaining to Security of Information, Material and Personnel, Special Interrogation Techniques, Air Photo Interpretation and Logistics and Management Courses from some of the well-known Training Centers and Institutes of the Army. He gained vast experience in handling Security and Investigation Matters while serving in various Operational Areas and Staff Appointments in various forward Sectors of the Army. He was also privileged to serve in the Military Intelligence Directorate, Army Head Quarters, New Delhi where he got the opportunity to work in close cooperation with some of the important Civil Intelligence Agencies.

    Lt Col Surendra Batra (Retd) is a Veteran of the India - Pakistan War of December 1971 where he took part in the famous Battle of Chhamb as a Second in Command of a Sabre Squadron of Tanks in the Western Sector in Jammu and Kashmir.

    Post retirement, Col Surendra Batra worked in various Senior Appointments with a few Companies in Thane and Mumbai before joining Globe Detective Agency Pvt Ltd, one of the oldest Detective Companies in India located at Nariman Point, as their Zonal Adviser and Branch Head, Mumbai Branch in April 2006. With his long professional service experience, knowledge and skills in the field of Security and Investigations, he successfully personally guided and trained the Investigators of the Branch to bring in more consistency and in producing more credible results. With his firm handling of Investigators, strict monitoring of their work, highly innovative approach, conscientious and creative reporting system, Col Surendra Batra reformed and reshaped the entire Investigation Process of the Mumbai Branch. Under his leadership, guidance and directions, Mumbai Branch topped as the Best Branch in Investigation amongst 21 Branches of the entire Globe Group and was awarded with the Trophy for Outstanding Performance in Investigation by Mrs. Santosh Kumar, Chairperson of Globe Group during Annual Conference held in Phuket, Thailand in 2009. Mumbai Branch once again received appreciation for its performance in Investigations and for remaining on Top from the Chairperson and Senior Directors of the Company during Annual Conference in Bangalore in 2011. It was the result of his hard work and personally handling of challenging Cases of Investigation that held the Branch in good shape keeping it on Top in Revenue generation, handling of number of important Investigation Cases and producing most Creative Reports with high grade of Client satisfaction till he relinquished his Appointment in June 2012.

    Lt Col Surendra Batra is an experienced, well trained and skilled but very scrupulous and tough Investigator himself and well versed in handling all kinds of Personal, Corporate and Industrial Investigations. In last five years, he has personally investigated some of the most important Cases of Corporate and Industrial theft, Fire in a Plant, Breach of Security and Loss of Property in a Corporate Office and Due Diligence of a real Estate Property in places like Mumbai, Pune and Delhi bringing out very satisfying and tangible results.


    Brig M G Kadam is a Senior Consultant and Legal Expert with years of valuable experience under his belt. A Double Graduate with a Degree in English Literature from Pune University and a second Degree in Law from Bombay University, Brig Kadam was commissioned into the Elite Kumaon Regiment, Infantry of the Army in the year 1966.

    Brig Kadam served for 32 years in the Army in a number of important Appointments in various Operational Areas of the North-East India besides serving in Jammu and Kashmir. During his illustrious career in the Army, Brig Kadam went through a number of Professional Training Courses including some in Military Intelligence. He is an Army Veteran of 1971 India - Pakistan War for Liberation of East Pakistan (Erstwhile East Bengal) and now Bangladesh. A highly trained and experienced Officer in Field Intelligence Operations, Brig Kadam was part of a specially Selected Team of Officers who were tasked to interrogate the Pakistani Officers Prisoners of War after their capture / surrender to the Indian Army during 1971 War.

    With his Legal Background and long valuable experience in the Operational Areas, Brig Kadam was selected for serving in the prestigious Legal Services of the Army after serving 14 years in Infantry. He switched over to JAG (JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL) Branch of the Army with ease.Having valuable and critical experience of long service in Operational Areas as Infantry Officer and with his creed and credible knowledge of legal matters, Brig Kadam handled his Legal Assignments at all important levels of Staff and Command with great ease, skill and sincerity. As a result of his hard work and commitment to his legal work, Brig Kadam was promoted to the post of DJAG (Deputy Judge Advocate General) and he headed the Legal Branches of prestigious Southern and Eastern Commands of the Army located at Pune and Calcutta respectively. He was also privileged to serve at JAG (Judge Advocate General) Branch at Army Head Quarters, New Delhi. For his outstanding legal work and handling of Cases in the Honorable High Courts of Calcutta and Guwahati, he was honored with VSM (Vishisht Seva Medal) by the President of India.

    Brig Kadam is an experienced Researchers and Senior Consultant for field Investigations and specially Cases pertaining to Litigation including providing of Litigation Support Information. He operates out of Pune and looks after Maharashtra and Gujarat.


    Major G I Pattabiraman is a very Senior Consultant and Researcher operating out of Chennai looking after Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telangana, Karnatka and Kerala. A Graduate from Madras University, Major Pattabiraman worked in a Senior Position for three years in the Glaxo Laboratories before joining the Army.

    Major Pattabiraman was commissioned into one of the oldest and unique Regiment of Infantry, the Madras Regiment in 1963 and served with aplomb for 22 years before taking a Pre-Mature Retirement in 1985. He is an Army Veteran of Two Significant Wars between India and Pakistan of 1965 and 1971 in which he took part gallantly with his Madras Regiment in Jammu and Kashmir. During his long service in the Army, Major Pattabiraman qualified in a number of Professional Courses including Intelligence and Management Courses. During his long Army Career, besides various Command and Staff Appointments, he was specially sent on deputation to important Ordnance Factories for six years as Security In-Charge because of his valuable experience in the field of Security. During his tenure with four important Ordnance Factories dealing with Heavy Vehicles, Clothing and Guns and Shells, Maj Pattabiraman reorganized the Security bringing in Reforms, updated all Security Procedures and Drills and introduced sound Security Standing Operating Procedures. He was privileged to serve as Chief Security Officer on the Ordnance Board.

    Post-Retirement, Maj Pattabiraman joined as Chief Security Officer, LUCAS TVS at Chennai and served there for three years helping the Company in managing all matters of Security and Company Investigations. He relinquished his Appointment after three years leaving behind a well-organized Security Set Up.

    Thereafter, Major B Pattabiraman was selected in 1993 to head the Chennai Branch of the Globe Detective Agency Pvt Ltd, one of the oldest and well-known Detective Agency in India. He was personally selected by Late Mr. Prem Kumar, the Founder and Chairman of the Company to get the Chennai Branch on its feet as it was not in too good shape and not performing well. Major Pattabiraman, after taking over as Branch Head, Chennai Branch, brought in major changes in functioning of the Branch. With his valuable experience of Army service and post retirement service with LUCAS TVS under his belt, Maj Pattabiraman got on the job from day one and changed the fortunes of the Chennai Branch of the Globe Detective Agency. He was responsible in uplifting the performance of the Branch in terms of revenue generation and expansion of Client Base both in Investigation and in Security Guarding Services. With his most innovative approach, his upright conduct, his training skills and his wisdom, Maj Pattabiraman changed the face and standard of Chennai Branch and equally that of Globe Detective in South India. As he handled every tough Security and Investigation Assignments himself, Globe Detective Chennai Branch grew leaps and bounds in stature under his leadership and he was appointed as the Vice President of the Company looking after Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

    Major Pattabiraman relinquished his job with Globe Detective, Chennai Branch in 2012.

    Major Pattabiraman is a Senior Consultant and Researcher. His deep knowledge and long experience in handling of Security and Investigation matters with his critical yet very comprehensive handling of challenging Cases of Security and Investigation have been an asset to Golden Arrow.


    Lt Col Shaibal Dutt is an Army Veteran from Warriors Regiment of Maratha Light Infantry. He qualified in a number of Professional and Intelligence Courses during his long service of 22 years in the Army and carries with him very valuable experience of working in various important Staff and Field Appointments.He has vast experience of handling of various sensitive Tasks while he was serving in Nagaland, in the Operational Areas of North-East India.

    Post retirement, Col Dutt has worked in many Senior Appointments in some of the well-known Companies including Investigating Agencies. He gained vital knowledge and experience while serving in some of these Companies. He was Head of Hyderabad Branch of Globe Detective Agency Pvt Ltd from 2009 to 2011, a well-known Security and Detective Company in Andhra Pradesh.

    Lt Col Shaibal Dutt is a well experienced, very talented, an upright Consultant and a very sharp Investigator. He has handled a number of Corporate Investigations scrupulously with his skills. He operates out of Hyderabad.


    Commander Praveen Kumar is a Veteran of the Indian Navy. He is a very dynamic Professional with 23 years of rich experience in Security, Administration and Human Resource Operations with the Indian Navy as well with other reputed Organizations. He has served in many important Appointments in the Navy both at sea and at shore. He has comprehensive experience in planning and implementing Security Strategies, Security Solutions vis-à-vis Threat Perceptions and Environmental Impacts etc.

    Commander Praveen Kumar is an expert in carrying out thorough study, analysis, planning and conceiving stringent security measures for the safety of high-value Assets of the Organizations. Post retirement, he has been involved in carrying out Security and Investigation Assignments.

    Commander Praveen Kumar is a Consultant and also a Senior Investigator based in Navi Mumbai and has personally handled a number of critical Assignments.

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